How to get to Michele and Asli’s houses…

Please follow this easy steps to get to the houses:

  1. Driving from the center of Srithanu, before the Family Mart at the Orion’s corner, turn left in front of Bee’s Kitchen on the unpaved road
  2. Proceed straight. You’ll see two twin white houses on the left, then a light blue one
  3. Pass the light blue house and continue
  4. Michele’s house is the first on the left. You can pass the little hill and turn left after the trees to pak in front of it. The house is the one ith the yellow, orange and white fabrics
  5. If you want to go to Asli’s house, proceed straight. Her house is the last one

You can also set “Baan Buanak House for rent 2” on your Google Maps. Here is the link: