World is a great place to live!


Whether we like it or not, the fact is that there will be difficult times in life. Pain is inevitable and it’s a part of the picture. Like physical pain we go through in life, our emotions will experience pain too. And just like our physical body heals, our emotional body will heal too.

These difficult times will make us get out of our comfort zones and grow. We will stretch and be uncomfortable but we will learn to create solutions to solve these unexpected situations. So it won’t be easy while in it but at the end, we will come out of pain much wiser and more evolved. No mud no lotus 🙂


If you have been to yoga classes, you’ve probably noticed that Namaste is often used as a “hello” or “thank you”, but its meaning is much deeper than that.


Do we really see the divine in each other? It is hard to see it with bare eyes that are hiding behind our personal filters that have been forming since we were born. Yes, seeing the divine in each other is possible only if we start seeing from the purest parts of ourself.

For that, we need to put some work to it. This requires working on opening the heart and 3rd eye chakras through different forms of practices including yoga (both asanas and applying yogic principles to our life), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), and voila! We can start seeing not only fellow humans but also everything alive in nature through our third-eye (intuitive eye) and heart and be one with them.


Yes, we can do something to help save the planet!

We all know the rainforest is being destroyed. Heck, the entire planet’s in distress! But is there really anything we can do about it? Actually, yes.

Watch this funny video and see how 🙂


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